Call me Kim, I am a developer for 14 years in this awesome world. I've been to several countries for work and consultancy and being borrowed by SME's, MNC's, Startups, and Corporations. Here I share my wisdom and experiences. Thank you!

Being a Programmer

I'm a type of expert-generalist programmer, specializing and generalizing at the same time isn't easy, most project codes aren't really gonna use all the power features of the programming language, but it can be solved by different services. I like coding, designs, styles, logic, algorithms, problem solving, software architectures, enterprise and non-enterprise model, machine learning, AI, dashboard and analysis as well.

Being a Leader

I act according to what I know will work, most of my tech decision I use on my projects are from my experiences, research Β and most of them aren't the same problems but same principles in solving.Collecting facts and information before implementation of solutions is also important for me to be able to provide a valuable solution, solving a problem that adds value to the project and make dream products come true.

My tools

I always research-build-result in order to learn.

Talk to me?

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