This Project is about converting legacy application of Huubap and huubhr Cloud Attendance Management system, into microservices. Huubap and Huubhr are founded by two motivated entrepreneur from Singapore and Japan, Kazuyuki Okuhata and Mitsuru Iiizumi

The Microservices and Vertical Slicing Decision

They require me to convert a monolithic platform into microservices with SPA in the front-end(Angular). I decided to use two methods here to achieve what the founders want.  While maintaining the current user in the platform. I realized things aren't easy to convert into microservices easily, so a vertical slicing architecture approach is the one I can think of. Turning everything into a feature, converting back-end to API's, and add authentication feature via REST API or JWT when calling all the services in the back-end, which later on we use Auth0 which one of the team member works now in Auth0 John Ding Wei Lim a former colleague of mine and another member Kien Weng Khaw.

What I learned is that before deciding into microservices a necessary steps needs to get done, from studying the current platform, categorize all the features from important to unimportant, in this case the success ratio that it will be finished to the said deadline is higher. In less than 6 months the application is fully-working and it can extend the platform via another client platform as every request now is via REST API.